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 An addiction is a chronic dysfunction of the brain system that involves, reward, motivation and memory. It's about the way your body craves a substance or behaviour, especially if it causes a compulsive or obsessive pursuit of "reward" and lack of concern over consequences. Addictions are not just related to alcohol and drugs but can include prescription medication, food, exercise, sexual stimulation, pornography and any behaviours which are excessive. Over time addictions can seriously interfere with your daily life.

Because The Heartstream Process together with EFT Tapping accesses the "stress centres" in your brain on physical and emotional levels simultaneously, the Heartstream process can effectively help you overcome "conditions" such as addictions, which often can't be resolved successfully with psychotherapy alone or with other alternative therapies.

Treating addiction with the Heartream Process and EFT Tapping is a two-part process. The most urgent issue is typically the physical craving. The relaxation response provided by EFT helps addicts in its ability to calm anxiety quickly and reduce the craving.  For the long term resolution of any addiction, the root cause needs to be addressed. To learn more about the real cause of your or a loved one's addiction click here to go to my stress and anxiety page, what you will learn may surprise you. 

The Heartstream Process and EFT will enable you to access your own inner strength to address the deeper emotional issues behind your addictions.

To help you discover how I can help you overcome your addictions contact me for a free no-obligation consultation today.


"When I first sat with Carolina, I had an alcohol problem, a job that I hated and a life that was slipping me by. I have a beautiful 1-year old baby girl and a loving partner, and for both of their sakes - and for my own - I embarked on yet another attempt to “fix what was broken”.


I can be very critical, mostly with myself, but also with others. This was no different with the idea of EFT. I found myself doubting its’ capacity straight away, but I had exhausted so many other avenues, and so I gave it my best shot. I owned up to that aspect of myself as well as any other truth I could dig up. And boy did we find some stuff!

Through the first few sessions, we dove into my subconscious, but we also reordered and gave clarity to my conscious life, my waking thoughts & actions, and my fears surrounding change and acceptance.

Soon I was undergoing deep changes, core shifts in my experience. And pretty soon, I had marked off 2 months sobriety. And to my surprise, I was doing it with relative ease. With this sobriety came a deeper and clear understanding of my life. I began to see where I wanted to go, and how I wanted to get there.

I am writing this after my 11th session. A gentle one. Reflecting on my sense of self, my discipline, and the whole & positive view of my life now.

I no longer drink. And it is easy. Old triggers are mere background noises to a healthier and more balanced experience. I have quit my unfulfilling job, and now working on my own pursuits.

My daughter is still wonderful, and now I feel like a positive role model. And that is the most wonderful gift.

EFT wasn’t always easy, but it definitely had momentum and results that were palpable and tangible. Carolina was the most excellent guide through this whole practice. She has a wonderful empathy, a nurturing soul and wisdom body that is enhanced by her own deep spiritual practice. I wholeheartedly recommend giving yourself a few sessions with Carolina. To reveal, work-upon, or just connect with yourself."


Thomas, 42, writer, Tasman,