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Heartstream Trainings

What Is The Heartstream Process ™ ?


The Heartstream Process™  is a method that uses metaphorical language and imagery to ease emotional issues and negative beliefs  bringing relief, restoration and a sense of renewal to a person’s state of mind and body.


The Heartstream Process ™ incorporates NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),  Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping, Mindfulness and Energy Healing in a powerful synergy for healing. 


The Heartstream Process ™ is unique in that the practitioner is led by the metaphors created entirely by the client. These metaphors are developed by the client’s own subconscious mind, usually in a visual way as if watching a movie with minimal influence by the practitioner.


My role as the practitioner is to hold the client in a safe space to explore their inner world for healing and resolution with gentle non-influential  guidance.  


What makes the Heartstream Process ™ so unique is that with the use of metaphorical language and imagery issues are dealt with at a far deeper level than the conscious mind can reach and changes in a person's patterns of behaviour start immediately.


The Heartstream Process ™ being totally client led is therefore safe, gentle and not at all provocative or triggering. 


The Heartstream Process ™ allows a client to move through the effects of trauma without ever having to revisit the trauma or even having to consciously remember the trauma itself. Blocks, fears, phobias, anxieties are often the result of traumatic experiences when we were too young or severely affected to recall them.


The Heartstream Process ™ can also be used by individuals as a creative and imaginative self help tool. 

The Heartstream Process ™ can be used with many emotional and physical issues. These include, stress, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, depression, addictions, fears, phobias, childhood traumas or early developmental issues. 


Physical issues include chronic illness and dis-ease can also be addressed. These include autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, cancers etc.


The Heartstream Process was developed after my own training and exploration in NLP, EFT Tapping,  Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and Mindfulness.


The seeds of this process began with my introduction to Michele Hart’s “Right Brain Process” which involved working with metaphors and visuals created by the subconscious mind in 2015.


I have been developing this process  consistently working with hundreds of clients since this time incorporating these other modalities to create a process for rapid and significant change for my clients.

What Are Metaphors And Why Are They So Helpful?


Metaphors are a natural part of daily life and you would be surprised at how often we use metaphors both in our waking and sleeping state. Here are some examples:-


“I feel like I'm carrying the world on my shoulders”

“I need to roll with this”

“I have butterflies in my stomach”

“I feel I have a dagger in my heart”.


When you think about these metaphors you may find yourself seeing a picture in your own mind. This is the visual aspect of metaphors and what we work with in the Hearstream Process.


When we are stressed for example, we can ask ourselves “Where do I feel this stress in my body?”. When we identify this we can then ask ourselves "what does it feel like?”.  We notice what is happening in our body and then ask “What does it look like?” 


This then becomes the starting point for the process. By taking the image out in front of us the image becomes workable and we can then ask our heart/mind certain questions to bring healing and resolution to the issue.

What To Expect From A Heartstream Session?


The first thing you will discover during your Heartstream ™ Sessions is an atmosphere of calm, peace and safety where you will feel honoured and respected on your healing journey.


At no time are you as a client considered damaged, defective or inadequate. To the contrary, clients are considered to have the inner wisdom and answers to their own healing.


We will discuss the Self Exploration Sheet you would have been asked to complete before your session and discuss your goals and outcomes you seek in working together.


We will then explore challenging emotions, beliefs, experiences you wish to release and heal. We will begin with some Basic EFT Tapping to “tune in” to the issue and then explore body sensations and visual metaphors that arise.


I will then invite you to bring the visual metaphor out in front of you and guide you through the process where your own subconscious mind leads the way to resolution. We will then work with the energy centres of your body (chakras) to anchor in the healing.


The sessions are more profound and deeper in that you will discover the power and creativity of your own mind for healing.

Why Is This Process Called “Heartstream”?

This process involves a direct connection with the energy of the heart and its intuitive capacity. It is here that the intelligence of the heart leads the way to healing.

What Are The Benefits Of The Heartstream Process ™


1. The Heartstream Process ™ brings resolution of issues in a gentle and safe way by working with metaphors. 


2. It is deeply transformative process bringing issues to resolution in a much shorter period of time than many other therapies and counselling.


3. It is a creative and rich way for you to experience your own unique guidance, wisdom and perspective.


4. We never have to go back to past traumatic events to resolve the negative experiences to release and heal the energy of these past events from the mind and the body. 


5. You do not need to discuss issues that are taboo, embarrassing, difficult to express or require confidentiality for the process to be as effective.


6.. You will receive your own self created affirmations and anchor them into your body, thus this becomes a truly embodied experience..


7.. The Heartstream Process will enable you to connect more deeply with yourself, understand yourself and your place in the world.


8.. You will experience significant shifts in your perspective and discover a whole new way of living that is more positive, vital and alive. 


9.. By the end of our work together utilising this process you will feel a greater sense of relief, restoration and renewal. Healing happens emotional, physical, spiritual, in fact at all levels.


10.. This process is ideal for creative, imaginative and sensitive individuals who take to the process naturally. It is also a great doorway to those who are more logical and left brained to explore the right hemisphere of the brain and the power of their subconscious mind.

How Do I Experience The Heartstream Process™ ?


To experience the Heartstream Process you can apply to book a free consultation to explore working with me by going to

 I Would Like to Train in the Heartstream Process™,
what is next?


 You can choose to register your interest the Level 1 Training in 2024. This is ideal if you are looking at exploring The Heartstream Process ™ as a self help technique and the starting place for later training to become a practitioner. You will be required to attend an interview before being accepted on the training program. To register your interest:-


The next Heartstream Process™ Training will be offered to EFT mid January 2024  who are already experienced in working with clients and have a good foundation in EFT.  It will be a  requirement to attend an interview before being accepted on this training program. To register your interest :-


A Certification and Accreditation Program will be offered for students who are wanting to deepen their knowledge and consider becoming practitioners in the Heartstream Process ™. To register your interest :-

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