Matrix Reimprinting

Healing Your Inner Child

When we experience a trauma,  especially in early childhood which means any time we go from fight or flight into the freeze response, we dissociate from our bodies at that age. That part of us (our "echo") never stops experiencing that trauma at a subconscious level, it stays with us. When something occurs in our lives that trigger that old memory there will be a re-traumatization and we will be taken back to the same feelings we had at that age. It's as though that part of us fragments and freezes in time.




This technique will help you not only release and heal the old trauma, releasing the freeze but will also address the negative beliefs or decisions made at that time. These beliefs could include:-

"I'm unlovable",

"The world is a dangerous place",

"People I love will abandon me"

"I must be in control all the time"


These negative beliefs can lie at the very root of anxiety, stress and depression With Matrix Re-Imprinting we can choose to heal the frozen aspect of our echo and adopt and integrate new positive beliefs for our age now as adults that are life-enhancing rather than detrimental to our well being.

Thanks to the progressive development in the last decade in neuroscience, we are just beginning to understand that our brains are not hard-wired after all but are rather fluid and changeable. This is very good news as it means because of the brain's flexibility, issues related to our brain are workable and change can happen both in function and structure.



In addition, we now have a greater understanding of the right hemisphere of the brain - the home of the unconscious mind which deals with the management of our emotions and non-verbal communication as well as relationships, coping with stress, empathy, trust, identification with others and identity. With Matrix Reimprinting we can access and rewire old limiting patterns. Old ways of feeling or behaviour may be loosened up and replaced by a more harmonious emotional world that also has greater spontaneity, flexibility and compassion.

 Matrix Reimprinting is an important tool especially in working with early trauma which often lay behind anxiety, depression, phobias, depression and low self-worth. and the effects that continue in later life which are integrated into The Heartstream Process to make deep and lasting change.




How Matrix Reimprinting Can Help You
Healing With The Right Side Of The Brain

"I met Carolina at a short workshop that outlined the basics of EFT. She was so warming and inviting that I decided to book a session. I've had anxiety and OCD since my teens and was looking for anything that would help, as everyday tasks were becoming overwhelming.  


My initial visit was much more powerful than I thought it would be. Carolina gets to the root of the problem and helps you work through it in a safe and comfortable environment. I've practised mindfulness and conventional behavioural therapy, but nothing has come close to the effectiveness as EFT. I felt a dramatic change in myself after the first session as if my world had been turned upside down. My normal patterns were disrupted and it took me a few sessions to settle into this new open space Carolina helped me create. 


I would highly recommend EFT to anyone who is struggling with anxiety or OCD. I didn't think I could experience life in any other way ... I assumed I was an anxious person, but it can actually change. Carolina is an amazing therapist, I'm so thankful for her and look forward to our continued sessions. "  - J.R. Nelson

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