Negative Emotions

Tania, Pilates Educator, NZ

I contacted Carolina to help me deal with childhood emotional trauma. I had been to see psychologists and councillors periodically over the past 30 years.

I got exhausted every time reliving those traumas. I was always left with questions: “So now what? What do I do about this?” I was tired of re-living my experiences and not getting answers on how to move beyond them. Fear, anger, self-doubt, and sadness were my constant companions. One technique that did help me along the way was hypnosis. But the rawness of events never really went away. I understood my reality intellectually but could never resolve these experiences in my heart.

Working with Carolina I have been able to step out of the intensity of the emotions associated with childhood trauma. She skilfully combines tapping with visualisation and hypnosis practices that helped me face, address, and dissolve these intense emotional episodes. I am now able to be separate from these experiences without denying their existence as part of what shaped my life. I recommend Carolina very highly to anyone needing to make peace with their past. She has helped me to move forward with the rest of my life in the way I choose to do unburdened by my past. I am able to react very differently to situations which in the past would have triggered fear, anger or sadness. I have the tools to choose to step aside and observe rather than react immediately. This is a huge gift to receive and accept. I will always be grateful to her for showing me the way and her continued support. Carolina is calm, kind, supportive and extremely skilled. To me, she is like a healing balm. She creates a safe space to explore emotions and helps you move forward to a new reality that you are in control of.

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