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Stress & Anxiety

Katrina, Office Manager New Zealand.

I thought I was having a heart attack as I woke suddenly at 3 in the morning with my heart beating at 120 bpm.  Stress attack!  But this was big!  I managed to calm down with help from my husband and breathing exercises the doctor had given me.  I eventually got a little more sleep.  Later that morning after a quick search I found Heartstream Wellness and called the number, I was really in need of some urgent help and which didn’t include medication.

Speaking with Carolina for ½ hour on the phone calmed me down considerably and I felt soothed and understood.

I knew my anxiety attack was related to issues I was having at work where I had managed a full-on stressful work load for a considerable number of years, but which had, over the previous 6 months, become a great concern for me; my position was threatened by a planned upcoming restructure in which my bosses were not prepared to confirm the future of my position.

Carolina gave me some techniques to use which helped a lot.  Her care & concern and ability to see the person I am, were comforting.  She helped me understand why I felt the way I did and that really there is nothing to feel overly anxious about; now, when I do feel a concern, I know how to relax and calm myself and I know there is no need to worry.

Initially I found the EFT tapping a little strange because it was something I wasn’t familiar with but after the first session Carolina helped me understand it and feel comfortable with it.  I then found it to be very soothing and restful.   It was a very positive therapy session for me and the sessions that followed also.

The therapy gave me food for thought through the coming weeks which helped me deal with a lot of emotional distress from my past as a child as well.  Carolina brought out upsetting memories of my parents early deaths and how it had affected my childhood and life to date.  It helped me understand these memories and put them to rest, I now try to remember the pleasant aspects, not the trauma.  I can see more clearly now.

Overall Carolina has helped me understand quite a lot about myself, I had sensed the doom coming at work and rather than deal with it (I didn’t know how to) I reacted with worry, anxiety and stress.   I feel cured now and have a lot to thank Carolina for.  

Now I am looking forward to a happy stress free future.  My physical health has improved, my resting heart rate returned to normal and I feel happy all of the time.

I can recommend Carolina 100% she is a very empathic and kind lady. 

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