When I first sat with Carolina, I had an alcohol problem, a job that I hated and a life that was slipping me by. I have a beautiful 1-year old baby girl and a loving partner, and for both of their sakes - and for my own - I embarked on yet another attempt to “fix what was broken”.


I can be very critical, mostly with myself, but also with others. This was no different with the idea of EFT. I found myself doubting its’ capacity straight away, but I had exhausted so many other avenues, and so I gave it my best shot. I owned up to that aspect of myself as well as any other truth I could dig up. And boy did we find some stuff!

Through the first few sessions, we dove into my subconscious, but we also reordered and gave clarity to my conscious life, my waking thoughts & actions, and my fears surrounding change and acceptance. Soon I was undergoing deep changes, core shifts in my experience. And pretty soon, I had marked off 2 months sobriety. And to my surprise, I was doing it with relative ease. With this sobriety came a deeper and clear understanding of my life. I began to see where I wanted to go, and how I wanted to get there.

I am writing this after my 11th session. A gentle one. Reflecting on my sense of self, my discipline, and the whole & positive view of my life now. I no longer drink. And it is easy. Old triggers are mere background noises to a healthier and more balanced experience. I have quit my unfulfilling job, and now working on my own pursuits. My daughter is still wonderful, and now I feel like a positive role model. And that is the most wonderful gift.

EFT wasn’t always easy, but it definitely had momentum and results that were palpable and tangible. Carolina was the most excellent guide through this whole practice. She has a wonderful empathy, a nurturing soul and wisdom body that is enhanced by her own deep spiritual practice. I wholeheartedly recommend giving yourself a few sessions with Carolina. To reveal, work-upon, or just connect with yourself.




During the time I spent in therapy at Heartstream Wellness Centre, I was presented with many helpful practices, which aided in my recovery from traumatic experiences I had encountered in my past. I was amazed at how effective the methods Carolina provided me were in my quick recovery from problems I had experienced for so long.

At first, I was sceptical of how effective EFT & the Heartream Process would be in aiding me with my recovery process. However, I was amazed at the results I had after just two weeks of daily sessions. EFT & the Heartstream Process was extremely effective in helping me to reframe experiences from my past that had haunted me for years. I would have never believed that therapy could be so effective in such a short amount of time.


My life was completely changed from the work that I accomplished in Nelson working with Carolina. I was able to begin to control my drinking habits, as well as ultimately quit smoking, and to recover relationships with my family and friends that had been severely lacking for a very long time.

For the first time in my recent life, I am now comfortable about who I am and actually looking forward to the future.

I owe all of the progress I have made over the past two years to my encounters with Carolina and the EFT process. I would recommend the Heartstream Wellness Centre to anybody who has suffered from any kind of traumatic event in the past, is dealing with anxiety or depression, or who seeks to better themselves as a human being. Carolina will be understanding, professional, and helpful to any person seeking her services.


There are few people in the world I have met like Carolina Kerridge, and I highly recommend her practice to anybody in need of help in their life.



Nelson, NZ

I met Carolina at a short workshop that outlined the basics of EFT. She was so warm and inviting that I decided to book a session. I've had anxiety and OCD since my teens and was looking for anything that would help, as everyday tasks were becoming overwhelming. 


My initial visit was much more powerful than I thought it would be. Carolina gets to the root of the problem and helps you work through it in a safe and comfortable environment.

I've practised mindfulness and conventional behavioural therapy, but nothing has come close to the effectiveness as EFT and the Heartstream Process. I felt a dramatic change in myself after the first session as if my world had been turned upside down. My normal patterns were disrupted and it took me a few sessions to settle into this new open space Carolina helped me create.

I would highly recommend EFT and the Heartstream Process to anyone who is struggling with anxiety or OCD. I didn't think I could experience life in any other way...I assumed I was an anxious person, but it can actually change.

Carolina is an amazing therapist. I'm so thankful for her and look forward to our continued sessions. 

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