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Heartstream Wellness Centre & Clinic

 The Centre for Healing and Transformation.

Let me help and guide you on your healing journey from Anxiety to Serenity...

Ease Your Anxiety
With EFT Tapping


Ease your stress and anxiety - in a simple and yet effective way - download your FREE Digital Copy of my new Handbook "Tapping with Intention" to learn a tool that delivers emotional relief -in body and mind.

Hi, I'm Carolina Kerridge, Emotional Coach, Holistic Therapist and Intuitive Healer.

Imagine what your life would be like if you felt happy, healthy, calm and confident. How would it feel for your life to be easy,  joyful and fulfilling? 

Is this YOU?


  • You appear to have it all together but underneath you are struggling with stress and anxiety,

  • This is showing up in other ways like difficulty sleeping, in your relationships, addictions, weight issues or even physical issues,

  • You are looking for rapid and permanent change,  

  • You have tried different approaches like counselling but feel you are making little progress.

Are you looking for a more holistic approach that honours your mind, body and spirit?

Where counselling and other talk therapies help you understand and manage your symptoms EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the Heartstream Process® goes much further by healing the root cause of your issue rapidly and permanently.


"Underneath your stress, anxiety, negative emotions and beliefs is the real YOU, who is healthy, vibrant and resilient".

These stresses, traumas, addictions and negative beliefs are just layers, patterns which can all be released to leave you free to be truly yourself again. Working with me and the techniques I use in combination in the Hearstream Process® is all about taking you back to YOU, feeling whole complete and at peace with yourself.

Hi I'm Carolina Kerridge and not so long ago I was struggling with all these issues. I had no idea I could be free of these heavy layers, yet here I am having spent many years searching and finding the most effective therapeutic tools to help me be free and return to my very best self.  I have never looked back other than in gratitude in all that I have learnt and now I help hundreds of others just like you and me. YES YOU CAN TRULY HEAL!

 To learn more about me and how I healed not only from my serious health issues but also all areas of my life, mentally, physically and spiritually click the button below:-

 I can help you to heal gently and effectively through a rich combination EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Energy Healing to return to your natural healthy and vibrant state.


 I turned up for my first session with Carolina after already trying counselling and not wanting to see a doctor for my feelings of anxiety, mother guilt and a deep worry of how I was going to support myself on my own after my marriage break up. I had no idea what EFT and the Heartstream Process was but I was open to trying a more holistic approach.

After just one session I was impressed and by my second session, I was hooked. I felt such a release of emotions and Carolina’s nurturing professionalism and humour over the following months helped me to build up my self worth and confidence, empowering me to feel like me again. I looked forward to my sessions and left feeling lighter and stronger, releasing old beliefs around “I’m not good enough.” Carolina is a true healer, someone I trust and highly recommend.

             Tracy, Nelson, NZ

Heartstream Training 

I'm delighted to announce that I am offering training for certified EFT Practitioners to learn the Heartstream Process® so that you may go deeper with your clients and help them quickly achieve profound & lasting results. The next 7 week online Heartstream Process® training begins on Friday 12th July 2024 NZDT

Additionally, upon successful completion of the training course, you can also progress to become a Certified Practitioner of the Heartstream Process®.


Carolina is a true heart-centred Healer, in which her Heartstream Process flows like medicine to be taken in. The grace with which she facilitates creates a sacred space for vulnerability and safety. This process is unique and inviting for healing organically to occur.

My journey with Carolina was a powerful transformative experience in which I was able to access deep patterns and limiting beliefs that were able to be experienced and transmuted with openness and ease. What a gift to give myself working with you. So much Gratitude, Carolina. 

Jude Weber IMG_9436.jpeg

Jude Weber

Advanced Certified & Accredited EFT Practitioner,
Nervous System Health Coach & Educator


Heal gently, effectively and permanently

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Live your life from a place of joy and confidence.


Immersive experiences for lasting renewal

You Are Unique

I take into account your unique qualities, challenges and life journey to create a custom program for you to heal and transform your life.  The Heartstream Process® focuses on your individual uniqueness to bring you back to YOU!

The Heartstream Process® and Personal Growth Programs

The Heartstream Process® can not only help you overcome your health issues but goes much further to restore balance to your life, and find true inner peace.  


I met Carolina at a short workshop that outlined the basics of EFT. She was so warm and inviting that I decided to book a session. I've had anxiety and OCD since my teens and was looking for anything that would help, as everyday tasks were becoming overwhelming. 


My initial visit was much more powerful than I thought it would be. Carolina gets to the root of the problem and helps you work through it in a safe and comfortable environment.

I've practiced mindfulness and conventional behavioural therapy, but nothing has come close to the effectiveness as EFT and the Heartstream Process. I felt a dramatic change in myself after the first session as if my world had been turned upside down. My normal patterns were disrupted and it took me a few sessions to settle into this new open space Carolina helped me create.

I would highly recommend EFT and the Heartstream Process to anyone who is struggling with anxiety or OCD. I didn't think I could experience life in any other way...I assumed I was an anxious person, but it can actually change.

Carolina is an amazing therapist. I'm so thankful for her and look forward to our continued sessions. 

RJ, Nelson, NZ

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Are you ready to say YES to YOU and start your journey of healing?

Contact Me

PHONE 03 544 4782 | 022 0900746 

Consults ONLINE or IN PERSON. 

Centre is Open: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

10 Hillplough Heights, Richmond

Nelson, New Zealand 7020

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