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Become a Certified 
Heartstream Process   Practitioner®

Heartstream Process® Certification 

General Information

About Certification

The Hearstream Process® is an innovative and creative way of working with inner visuals, metaphors and the subconscious mind for deep transformational healing. Combining five modalities of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Energy Healing in synergy for rapid, gentle and powerful results.


The certification process enables you to go deeper, receive individual mentoring, group mentoring, instruction, support and practice in a gentle, safe and respectful atmosphere.

Why Choose the Heartstream Process® Certification?

The Heartstream Process® Certification is designed for certified EFT Practitioners (EFT International, EFT Universe, ACEP and Evidence Based EFT) with at least 2 years experience. The certification journey will enable you to go deeper into understanding the Heartstream Process® more fully, to become more nuanced and skilled in this process. It will allow you to develop your intuitive abilities and practise how to enhance those in working with inner visuals with your clients. The Heartstream Process® certification is also about you and your own personal development, in becoming a confident, heart centred, mindful practitioner who can truly hold your clients in a sacred space for their own healing. It will enable you to go beyond generalised methods for greater creative and deeply enriching results. You will be fully supported in your own deep personal journey of growth as a practitioner and personally. Become an important part of the Heartstream® vision and community by sharing your knowledge and skills, connecting with others like minded souls and bringing your gifts to the world.

Who is the Heartstream Process® Certification for?

The Heartstream Process® Certification Training is available to Certified EFT Practitioners with at least 2 years experience who are: * Intuitive, sensitive, open hearted and open-minded who are willing to explore working more deeply with inner visuals, metaphors and the subconscious way in a creative and intuitive way and:- * Looking to develop their personal and professional capacities and qualities including holding safe sacred space, mindful listening, honouring their clients inner experience and exploring in loving compassionate presence and:- * Willing to go deeper into their own personal development journey and embody the Heartstream Practitioners® qualities and:- * Willing to join and be an active part of a community of Heartstream Practitioners® for support, personally and professionally, in making a real difference in the world.

Why Train with Carolina?

As the creator of the Heartstream Process® I have had the opportunity to develop and refine the process working with hundreds of clients over an 8 year period. The process takes patience and skill to learn and develop. Having the experience in fine tuning the process I can now pass these skills to others to use in their practice. I am also an Advanced EFT Practitioner with EFT International with over 10 years experience in private practice specialising in stress, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, and chronic health issues. I have taught Introductory EFT, Energy Healing, Mindfulness courses as well as EFT, Self Care and Energy Healing retreats here in New Zealand. I have recently run the first Heartstream Process® international Online Training with great positive and enthusiastic feedback. Prior to training in EFT and other holistic modalities I was a family lawyer in the UK specialising in family and care law. I bring many of these skills to my EFT practice. I also bring over 13 years of practical experience in mindfulness, meditation and Eastern Wisdom traditions which is the foundation for the way I work with my clients and students. My approach is mindful, with deep listening and holding both clients and students in a place of deep safety and holding.

Are you new to the Heartstream Process® and

would like to know more about it?

Jade Barbee.jpeg

Jade Barbee

EFT Tapping Training, Coaching and Mentoring EFT International Accredited, Certified Trainer of Trainers

I think Carolina’s Heartstream training is essential for any experienced EFT practitioner looking to fine-tune their ability to work with metaphor and hold space for their clients’ inner experiences. Every class is a reminder that we can trust and cultivate genuine curiosity in our bodies’ inner wisdom and let go of any agenda or 'need to fix’. Heartstream has given me more complete trust in my imagination during EFT sessions - whether the client is myself or when I'm holding space for others. To see a thought or feeling as an image, and then to observe and follow the evolution of that image in such a structured, tried-and-true way – is a real gift. You’ve reminded me of the value of being genuinely curious about what is unfolding moment by moment. Thank you!

The Certification Program

Pre-Certification Requirements

1. Successfully complete The Heartstream Process® 7-week Online Training. (Limited to 8 participants.) 2. Complete an application form prior to enrolling for the course. 2. Meet online for a free chat to determine if certification is right for you at this time and whether you are suitable for the program. This interview will be an opportunity to learn more about the Heartstream Process® Certification and whether it is the right course for you. 4. Complete and submit the Heartstream Process® Certification Agreement.

Certification Requirements

1. Attend 3 individual Heartstream Process® online mentoring sessions (90 minutes each) with a focus on your Heartstream® journey. 2. Attend 6 group Heartstream Process® online mentoring sessions (90 minutes each) where you will be able to ask questions, experience demos, or practise with a partner. Each mentoring session will focus on a Heartstream Process® theme for deeper learning. Each session is limited to 6 participants. 3. Complete and pass the Heartstream Process® Q&A Exam. 4. Submit for assessment: * A log of 10 practice sessions using Heartstream Process® * Session notes for 3 Heartstream Process® sessions from your log of 10 * Videos of 2 Heartstream Process® sessions from your log of 10 (minimum 45 minutes each) * 2 Heartstream Process® client case studies (3 sessions per case study) * A personal Heartstream Process® case study (a minimum of 3 sessions) * A log of a minimum of 6 personal Heartstream Process® sessions with Certified EFT Practitioner(s) with at least 2 years EFT experience. * A reflection on your 6 personal Heartstream Process® Sessions.

Your Certification Journey

Certification will begin with your first one to one mentoring to define your goals and discuss and ask questions, share your experiences and insights. When you are ready to move forward you will record your first full length session that we will discuss together in your second one to one mentoring. Once you have taken the exam, submitted your session notes, case studies, and your personal reflection you will be ready to provide your final recording for discussion in your last one to one mentoring. The whole process will take up to 12 months.

Additional Notes on Certification

At your final one to one mentoring we will discuss your next steps. Which may be the need to complete additional requirements or completion with full certification depending on where you are in your journey. You will be required to comply with the Ethics of the Heartstream Practitioner® throughout the training through certification and thereafter. Ideally you will be able to complete the certification within 12 months. In the event that this is not possible due to personal circumstances we can discuss extending this if necessary. You may however be required to redo the Heartstream Process® Training in these circumstances. On satisfactory completion of all requirements you will gain Certification as a Heartstream Practitioner® and your name and details will be added to the Heartstream Wellness website and be listed for referrals.

Investment for the Heartstream Process® Certification Program is $1,600 NZD. Installment payment plans are available.  

Heartstream Certification investment

Next Heartstream Process® Certification

The certification program begins upon the completion of the next Heartstream Process® Training Program which begins on the 12th July 2024. For more information on the training program go here.



Infant Development Consultant, EFTi Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner and Mentor

I love the Heartstreams Process's gentle invitation to the subconscious to play, a playground for the subconscious to work through whatever is ready to be released or transformed. The Heartstream Process is respectful and meets the subconscious where it is without pushing, pulling, forcing or straining. It's elegantly simple and oh so safe because it provides opportunity for the subconscious to do its thing, whatever that is, and in its own way, not in a linear, 'man made' approach. My personal experience with HSP tends to be a visual journey of metaphor that somehow resolves aspects of my core beliefs. Without being attached to interpretation and outcome, I have noticed significant shifts every time. I think my initial experience with HSP brought a belief I had about having to play small from 40% down to 20%!

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