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Candlelit Mantra & Meditation

at Heartstream Wellness Centre, Richmond, Nelson.


Friday evenings from 7:00pm - 8:00pm

To register please contact me by email. 

Places will be limited to 10 so please register early. 

An Intimate Gathering

A weekly Mantra and Meditation Evening every Friday from 7:00pm - 8.00pm at Heartream Wellness Centre.


This is an opportunity to benefit from the effects of Mantra chanting for healing and centering into stillness. These Mantras are ancient Buddhist chants of Love Compassion and Healing and by chanting the sacred vibration fills our bodies and our minds changing our own vibration in a very positive way. As we chant we align to the sacredness of the vibration of the mantra.

There will be some time for silent meditation at the end so we can can fully absorb and integrate the sacred mantra into our being and find the place of stillness within ourselves.

This weekly event will be by donation.

To register please contact me by email Places will be limited to 10 so please register early. 

Although you do not have to attend each week you will receive great benefits by attending weekly as your energies will change over time and you may discover your mind becomes more peaceful, gain insights and your body will be more at ease, even healing.