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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated 26th July 2020

I am a member of a professional body (EFT International) and under their code of ethics am required to provide the following information: I am not a physician nor do I have any formal training in medicine or psychotherapy.  I cannot, therefore, make recommendations with regards to drugs, surgeries, radiation or other conventional medical interventions, and I encourage you to get regular medical exams and talk to your doctor or other health professionals about what treatments are best for you. 



While neither EFT International nor I can guarantee results in any particular case if for any reason you are dissatisfied you have a right to complain about any aspect of the service I provide. In the first instance please approach me and discuss your complaint. I have a policy of not charging a fee or returning a fee if already paid if anyone is unhappy.


 If you feel unable to discuss this with me, or require support to do so, please click here to download the form that will give you information on how to make a complaint through my professional organization. Please be assured I will make every effort to ensure you receive valuable professional service and are treated with respect at all times.

Costs and Payments


The fee for each 1 hour 30 mins is payable within 3 working days of consultation.  


The fee for all packages is specified on my website and regularly updated. Please check the website for current package prices. All package fees must be paid in advance of the first package session.


I regret that I have to charge for missed appointments and appointments cancelled less than 48 hours ahead, as I often turn others away.


Payments to be made either by direct credit to- Heartstream Therapies,  WESTPAC Number 03-0751-0386709-00. For International payments please contact me about making payments by Paypal.  


If you have any questions or queries regarding these terms and conditions please contact Carolina Kerridge by email at

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