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New Zealand

I came to Carolina at a friend’s recommendation. I was a carer for a family member with complex mental health issues. In my attempts to provide support, I had created a co-dependent relationship and no longer had my own life. I was burned out and experiencing PTSD from some compounding issues. While that was my presenting problem, I have done work with Carolina on childhood trauma and building confidence. Before I saw Carolina, I was seeing a counsellor. Counselling was a safe space for me to be seen and listened to. It was comforting to have someone to share ideas with, and it helped me to process things, but it didn’t help me shift the behaviours that were keeping me stuck. The Heartstream Process has been quite magical. My first session I quickly dropped into a trance-like state and was amazed at the wisdom of my subconscious, and how easily it could be accessed. For me what makes the process so powerful is that it combines both the body and the subconscious mind, which is why I have found it so effective at clearing trauma. I have tried many forms of therapy and for me this is by far the most effective at releasing trauma. In just a few sessions the acute terror I had felt about whether or not my family member would be okay began to abate and I began to feel a sense of trust in their journey. I began to have more mental space to build my own life. The dynamic with the family member shifted into a healthier balance. As I began to take better care of myself, and trust them more, they began to flourish. We now have a much stronger relationship and we have both learned how to take care of ourselves well and how to have better boundaries. Working through the Heartstream Process with Carolina has given me freedom. When I began the process with Carolina I was living a very small life that was governed by the fear of what could go wrong. It was trauma that was causing me to live this way. After releasing the trauma through this process, I am now living my own life in a new city with a new job and feel so much more trusting and peaceful. I have had some beautiful opportunities and people come my way since embarking on this healing journey. After moving through this process with Carolina, I became inspired to do this deep inner work on all of the facets of my life. I have now worked on a range of areas of my life from relationships to career with Carolina. Many of the limiting beliefs were formed in childhood and we have worked together to reprogramme these. I have tried many types of therapy but this work has been absolutely transformative. I have shed a lot of the fear I carried and become a more true version of myself in the process. Carolina is a true healer. She cares deeply about her clients- which is evident in every detail of her work. In my free 30 minute introductory session I arrived in quite a state because of a recent traumatic experience. Carolina spent 2 hours with me, because she really cares. This experience typifies Carolina’s heart-centred approach to her clients. Carolina has a nurturing, compassionate presence. She listens deeply and she is very wise, perceptive and intuitive. Another reason I hold Carolina in high esteem as a guide is because she has done this work herself and she is an inspiring example of transformation and the transcendence of obstacles. Carolina is a very special person and I feel honoured to have had her loving presence by my side on my healing journey. I would recommend Carolina to everyone! This process is life enhancing and transformative and I don’t say that lightly. It is worthwhile for everyone to examine the beliefs that keep them from living the wildest and most beautiful lives they can. Carolina is equipped to examine these beliefs and help you reprogramme your subconscious. For me this process is incredibly powerful for releasing trauma. I would particularly recommend Carolina to sensitive, gentle souls who are needing a safe place to be seen and heard.



New Zealand

Thank you so so so much for all you have done and helped me with! Honestly I cannot express enough how much I truly appreciate it and how I am coming back to the true me and a stronger, more confident version (the one I haven't been able to fully be for years). It is amazing, I never thought I would achieve what I have in such a short short period of time, honestly the results so far have been phenomenal. I keep getting little reminders of all these patterns I used to follow that I didn't even realize were all part of the issues and now there are so many things that I don't even do anymore, without even trying to stop them. Mentally, I felt like life was spinning out of control and now I just look back and wonder how was all of that only a couple of months ago? I am a far better mother, something I always tried to maintain being my best at but now I truly feel it just comes naturally and calmly (no self internalizing the stress), a better wife and a better and stronger individual. I know we aren't even finished but I just wanted to say I am so much happier, more present and relaxed in life, and any moments of stress or worry are so minor, short lived and rare now! Update: I have been seeing Carolina for a few months. Not only were the first several visits absolutely life changing but not too far into our sessions I had something else very difficult happen which I was able to use the same skills outside of our sessions and work through the entire event myself. This was the first time I had worked through trauma myself so differently rather than storing and suppressing it . I felt so positive and proud of myself for being able to do so. Not feeling tied to my past or the few traumatic health related events has lifted a huge weight off. I am still choosing to work with Carolina currently with any other self limiting beliefs which is helping tremendously. I am starting to feel like I can live life the way I want to. I went from being severely burnt out, always trying to impress others when it came to my work, over achieving, and putting my work and others first at the expense of myself and my health to now learning to simplify and prioritize what is truly important without feeling guilty . I have been able to really come into my true self and not only begin to heal from the trauma but do what is best for me while being proud of doing so and enjoying life outside of my head and in the present.




I went to see Carolina after I began experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks which were having a serious impact on my life. I realised I couldn't do this alone anymore. I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived at Carolina’s centre. I was very relieved to be made to feel really comforted and supported by Carolina and I knew very quickly that I had come to the right place. I was still recovering from severe concussion with symptoms of headaches, fatigue, emotional imbalances, mental confusion and difficulty focusing on one thing –feeling spaced out. My emotional and physical recovery was profound and within a short space of time, after a few sessions the quality of my life completely changed and I healed much more than I ever expected, things that I didn’t even know needed to be healed from the past. I discovered that I have increased energy, reduced stress, headaches disappeared, I had much more emotional balance and freedom, improved sleep and concentration. I also experienced a transformation of my attitude to life and my self-beliefs around “feeling damaged and inadequate” and “that I would never recover”, all of which turned out to be not true at all. I now feel I have made a full recovery, I have the power to make positive decisions for my wellbeing and a new level of joy and freedom in my life.



Nelson, NZ

I came to Heartstream Wellness Centre at the recommendation of a friend. Though I considered the concept a little left field, I was open to the idea.  I had recently completed a year of sessions with a psychologist which lead to a great understanding of the causes of my behavioural patterns but an inability to move forward from them. ​I have suffered from attachment issues and challenging family relationships, childhood traumas, inadequacies and insecurities in romantic relationships, as well as dissatisfaction with friendships. ​I have found the experience of EFT quite profound, particularly given my initial scepticism. Carolina has been very easy to work with and has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. She is very nurturing and has a wonderful presence and calming energy. The most significant experience I have had was releasing the negative emotions associated with a 3-year long project. Any revisitation of similar tasks would have me completely exhausted and in tears within minutes, to the point where I could not even attempt the tasks. After working on this trauma with Carolina, I am now able to see practical tasks more objectively and have little or no emotional reaction during the activity. ​My experience of working with Carolina and the Heartstream Process has changed so many aspects of my life. I am less reactive to people, have made deeper connections and stronger relationships, no longer fear solitude, and now feel secure and open to vulnerability in romantic relationships. ​I have recommended Carolina to many people. I fear that they may not take up the opportunity to try something a little different but I hope that the changes that they can observe in me will give them enough curiosity to give it a go when they are ready.



Marketing Manager

​When I initially came to see Carolina it was to get help for one of my children, to learn more about tapping to release anxiety etc. I viewed it as a tool to help my children. It became clear very quickly that it was me who needed the help, the healing to not only get out of a dark place I hadn’t gotten into over the years from putting myself second and a very stressful job but also to heal the little girl inside me. It turned out there were a lot of traumas to release and negative and self-sabotaging core beliefs to release. Before I saw Carolina I had done some psychotherapy/counselling on and off over the years, starting in my early twenties during a very traumatic time. I also did family constellations and other things along the way to help me cope and manage my life ok. I made some progress, but after starting to work with Carolina I realised quickly that most of my healing had been only superficial, not really healing those very deep traumas from very early on in my life. I found the whole process very different to anything I had done before. It’s a process where you work with your soul, the innermost areas of your being and uncover patterns and core beliefs you never thought existed and you finally acknowledge all your emotions to let them go and heal. Since I’ve started this journey with Carolina, I’ve not only healed my inner child and cleared so much, but more importantly resolved these nasty core beliefs and reprogrammed them to help me grow personally. And they’re really gone – which at first, I didn’t believe (too scared to believe actually), but now I know better.​ The results I experienced have been  amazing. I’m such a stronger, more balanced woman, more aware and calmer. I have tools now to help me when I get triggered and can find out fairly quickly why I’m triggered and what the trigger was that made me react/behave in a certain way. I am awake now. This has affected my life in that I’ve started to heal, truly heal, which is priceless. I’m happier, at home, at work, in my own skin and learning to speak my truth without fear. I’ve grown tremendously. Every session with Carolina is a wonderful gift to myself.



Yoga Teacher

Words cannot express how much I respect, value and trust Carolina in her skills as a therapist, healer. mentor and human being. Her professionalism and confidentiality allow for a trustworthy relationship and her skills and life experience really truly helped me overcome and deal with stuck limiting beliefs from the past. ​Personally, the Heartstream Process and EFT work were so powerful on clearing old patterns and pain, I didn't even realise I was still carrying. I understand now why it is called emotional freedom therapy, as the freedom, I now feel after only after a few sessions around past trauma and pain is a miracle. ​I recommend Carolina to others and they too have had incredible results. Thank you, Carolina, for sharing your skills. knowledge and healing energy with me and others. Namaste




During the time I spent in therapy at Heartstream Wellness Centre, I was presented with many helpful practices, which aided in my recovery from traumatic experiences I had encountered in my past. I was amazed at how effective the methods Carolina provided me were in my quick recovery from problems I had experienced for so long. ​ At first, I was sceptical of how effective EFT & the Heartream Process would be in aiding me with my recovery process. However, I was amazed at the results I had after just two weeks of daily sessions. EFT & the Heartstream Process was extremely effective in helping me to reframe experiences from my past that had haunted me for years. I would have never believed that therapy could be so effective in such a short amount of time. My life was completely changed from the work that I accomplished in Nelson working with Carolina. I was able to begin to control my drinking habits, as well as ultimately quit smoking, and to recover relationships with my family and friends that had been severely lacking for a very long time. For the first time in my recent life, I am now comfortable about who I am and actually looking forward to the future. I owe all of the progress I have made over the past two years to my encounters with Carolina and the EFT process. I would recommend the Heartstream Wellness Centre to anybody who has suffered from any kind of traumatic event in the past, is dealing with anxiety or depression, or who seeks to better themselves as a human being. Carolina will be understanding, professional, and helpful to any person seeking her services. There are few people in the world I have met like Carolina Kerridge, and I highly recommend her practice to anybody in need of help in their life.

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