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Heartstream Transformational Coaching

Imagine what your life would be like if you were free of your limitations and you lived your life from a place of joy, confidence and resilience?

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Are you:-


  • Feeling stuck in your life, whether you are struggling in your relationships, career or have health issues that despite everything you have done so far, continue to be an issue for you?

  •  Lacking self-esteem and feeling "not good enough"


  • Longing to find your true self? Maybe you appear to have it all; money, career, relationships but underneath you have lost connection with yourself?


  • Finding old beliefs about yourself, others and the world that are no longer serving you or holding you back?


  • Deeply wish to make a difference in the world? 


If any of these statements resonate with you, then you have come to the right place.


And I can guide you to finding that place within you!



Heartstream Transformational Coaching can help you:-



  • With feeling stuck in your life, where ever you are,


  • Clear negative beliefs about yourself that hold you back in your life,


  • Re-create life-enhancing positive beliefs which are accessed from your innate inner wisdom,


  • Obtain clarity from your recycling negative patterns which are running at a subconscious level and may not be obviously apparent even to you,


  • Clear old traumas and negative experiences especially those formed your early years,


  • Move through your fears of leading a rich, fulfilling and soulful life,


  •  Discovering your TRUE self and finding your life path.



Working with the powerful EFT Tapping to clear and release your negative blocks and beliefs, I can guide you in making the shifts that you deeply long for and begin to live your life from a place of true joy and fulfillment.

Coaching Session

1 Hour

An opportunity to explore more deeply your particular issues.

$200 NZD*

Heartstream Restore

 This Foundational  Program is for you if you are wanting to be introduced to the first steps into healing and growth by:-

  •  Creating a stable foundation for your healing so you feel more steady,

  •  Learning simple yet powerful practices including EFT Tapping, meditation and energy medicine to support you daily and when things just get too much!

  • Exploring traditional coaching and mindset approaches to help you feel more in control, positive and capable.


  •  Email support between sessions,

  • Additional tools and practices to work with between sessions,

  • Supportive handouts and learning information,

  • A 10% discount on all Heartstream courses and workshops.

Hearstream Restore - 12 Sessions

Price: $1997 NZD* (save $403)

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I’ve had 4 sessions with Carolina and I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for her loving guidance and intuitive gift. When I first started working with her I was constantly wound up and not able to be present in my body. I was also experiencing a lot of anxiety around starting my coaching practice.


Through the Heartstream process,  I’ve come to feel clear, present, and much less anxious around starting my business. I’m feeling creative, and confident and the panic in my chest that I usually feel when I'm doing work towards my coaching practice is gone. I’m more connected to myself and feel more self-love and joy than I can remember ever having. The little girl in me who felt like she needed to stay small to stay safe no longer fears letting her light shine. Carolina is a truly gifted and loving healer!

Cheryl, Life Coach, Texas, USA.

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