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Feeling stuck, unfulfilled and lost?

Are you struggling with:-


  • Feeling stuck in your life, whether you are struggling in your relationships, career or have health issues that despite everything you have done so far, continue to be an issue for you?

  • Feeling lost and unfulfilled?


  • Longing to find your true self? Maybe you appear to have it all; money, career, relationships but underneath you have lost connection with yourself?


  • Old beliefs about yourself, others and the world that are no longer serving you or holding you back?


  • Your history, culture or family expectations are keeping you stuck?


If any of these statements resonate with you, then you have come to the right place.

I've been where you are now!

Hi I'm Carolina and I understand where you are, I have been there myself. As a very driven and successful lawyer, it appeared I had it all together but under the surface, I was struggling. I lost myself and my connection with my true nature. I was not only unfulfilled but desperately unhappy.


There were so many expectations which I felt were imposed on me by my culture, my family, my profession, my work, society in general, but most of all by myself to be perfect and successful in everything I did. I lived a life in a cage of my own making, but I didn’t realise it at the time all I knew was I felt stuck.

In the depth of despair, I experienced what I would call a profound “awakening”. I was able to see myself completely as I was beyond all my labels, I felt whole and complete. I had a glimpse of my true nature and although after that I returned to my ordinary state of awareness I was forever changed at a very deep level. I went on to discover that it was the layers of my own self limiting beliefs and negative past experiences I was still carrying that hid my true light.

How I can help...


It was not enough just to believe this to be the case but to truly experience it ongoingly and embody this knowing.  It was here where EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and similar processes helped me to clear away energetically from my mind and body the energy of these limiting beliefs so I could live from a place of real peace and authenticity all the time – I came HOME to myself.


I now help many people from all walks of life come HOME to themselves.


Heartstream Coaching is very different from other coaching services, Heartstream Coaching is not about striving, trying, pushing to attain your goals. It's not about achievement at all. It is "compassionate coaching", learning to be compassionate towards ourselves as well as others.


It's not about external success but quite the opposite, it's about discovering who you truly are and living from that place with ease and with grace. What I have discovered is when you live from that place everything changes.

I am discovering more and more people are finding that external achievement, instead of bringing them happiness, is creating more stress, more anxiety and less fulfillment.  


Finding and living from our true nature is what I would call “soulful awareness”. It is very ordinary, very simple and genuine. It is a great relief to live this way.


And I can guide you to finding that place within you!



Heartstream Coaching can help you:-



  • With feeling stuck in your life, where ever you are,


  • Clear negative beliefs about yourself that hold you back in your life,


  • Re-create life-enhancing positive beliefs which are accessed from your innate inner wisdom,


  • Obtain clarity from your recycling negative patterns which are running at a subconscious level and may not be obviously apparent even to you,


  • Clear old traumas and negative experiences especially those formed your early years,


  • Move through your fears of leading a rich, fulfilling and soulful life,


  • Focusing on your life path and discovering your TRUE self.



Working with the powerful Heartstream Process, to clear and release your negative blocks and beliefs, I can guide you in making the shifts that you deeply long for and begin to live your life from a place of true joy and fulfillment.

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I’ve had 4 sessions with Carolina and I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for her loving guidance and intuitive gift. When I first started working with her I was constantly wound up and not able to be present in my body. I was also experiencing a lot of anxiety around starting my coaching practice.


Through the Heartstream process,  I’ve come to feel clear, present, and much less anxious around starting my business. I’m feeling creative, and confident and the panic in my chest that I usually feel when I'm doing work towards my coaching practice is gone. I’m more connected to myself and feel more self-love and joy than I can remember ever having. The little girl in me who felt like she needed to stay small to stay safe no longer fears letting her light shine. Carolina is a truly gifted and loving healer!

Cheryl, Life Coach, Texas, USA.

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