Marketing Manager

When I initially came to see Carolina it was to get help for one of my children, to learn more about tapping to release anxiety etc. I viewed it as a tool to help my children.


It became clear very quickly that it was me who needed the help, the healing to not only get out of a dark place I hadn’t gotten into over the years from putting myself second and a very stressful job but also to heal the little girl inside me. It turned out there were a lot of traumas to release and negative and self-sabotaging core beliefs to release.

Before I saw Carolina I had done psychotherapy/counselling on and off over the years, starting in my early twenties during a very traumatic time. I also did family constellations and other things along the way to help me cope and manage my life ok. I made some progress, but after starting to work with Carolina I realised quickly that most of my healing had been only superficial, not really healing those very deep traumas from very early on in my life.

I found the whole process very different to anything I had done before. It’s a process where you work with your soul, the innermost areas of your being and uncover patterns and core beliefs you never thought existed and you finally acknowledge all your emotions to let them go and heal. Since I’ve started this journey with Carolina, I’ve not only healed my inner child and cleared so much, but more importantly resolved these nasty core beliefs and reprogrammed them to help me grow personally. And they’re really gone – which at first, I didn’t believe (too scared to believe actually), but now I know better.

The results I experienced have been  amazing. I’m such a stronger, more balanced woman, more aware and calmer. I have tools now to help me when I get triggered and can find out fairly quickly why I’m triggered and what the trigger was that made me react/behave in a certain way. I am awake now. This has affected my life in that I’ve started to heal, truly heal, which is priceless. I’m happier, at home, at work, in my own skin and learning to speak my truth without fear. I’ve grown tremendously. Every session with Carolina is a wonderful gift to myself.



Embodiment Coach

I felt instantly connected with Carolina as soon as I heard her voice on the phone and felt her loving presence.  Before working together, I was experiencing old childhood feelings of unworthiness and shame re-surfacing.  After the first session, a deeper sense of peace returned and I felt more at home in myself.


Each session provided an opportunity to be heard and lovingly supported in healing early childhood beliefs.


I found Carolina's techniques gentle, yet powerful and the space she holds is clear and grounded.  I always felt safe to explore whatever came up and enjoyed following along with the EFT process to clear beliefs that no longer served my life. 


Since working together, I have noticed a deeper settling into myself which has influenced how I relate to myself, others and how I choose to walk in this world.  My confidence has been renewed in subtle and obvious ways and I feel at ease being me.


I definitely recommend Carolina, her beautiful Soul gifts and what she offers.  I met her at a time when her support was an answer to a heartfelt prayer.



Nelson, NZ

I came to Heartstream Wellness Centre at the recommendation of a friend. Though I considered the concept a little left field, I was open to the idea.  I had recently completed a year of sessions with a psychologist which lead to a great understanding of the causes of my behavioural patterns but an inability to move forward from them.

I have suffered from attachment issues and challenging family relationships, childhood traumas, inadequacies and insecurities in romantic relationships, as well as dissatisfaction with friendships.

I have found the experience of EFT quite profound, particularly given my initial scepticism. Carolina has been very easy to work with and has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. She is very nurturing and has a wonderful presence and calming energy. The most significant experience I have had was releasing the negative emotions associated with a 3-year long project. Any revisitation of similar tasks would have me completely exhausted and in tears within minutes, to the point where I could not even attempt the tasks.

After working on this trauma with Carolina, I am now able to see practical tasks more objectively and have little or no emotional reaction during the activity.

My experience of working with Carolina and the Heartstream Process has changed so many aspects of my life. I am less reactive to people, have made deeper connections and stronger relationships, no longer fear solitude, and now feel secure and open to vulnerability in romantic relationships.

I have recommended Carolina to many people. I fear that they may not take up the opportunity to try something a little different but I hope that the changes that they can observe in me will give them enough curiosity to give it a go when they are ready.

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