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Stress and Anxiety



Carolina is amazing. I was struggling with insomnia and a pounding heart when I came to her, and she listened to everything I had to say and diligently worked with me to get me to a better place. Any scepticism I had going into my sessions was quickly swept away by the immediate and effective results. Within a few days, I felt better. Within a few months, I couldn’t believe I ever felt so bad in the first place. I was extremely impressed by Carolina’s attention to detail and recall of information, as well as her ability to guide a session while simultaneously making you feel like you’re guiding it yourself. I highly recommend working with her.


Lydia Chadfield

Accountant, NZ

Meeting Carolina from Heartstream Wellness Centre and Clinic has changed my life in more ways than I could imagine. The safe and welcoming space provided, along with the non judgmental and caring nature of Carolina, creates a perfect atmosphere for EFT and transforming your life. The past situations that affected my life now have been removed completely and now I can live a positive and confident future. There were things that I thought were impossible to change, but Carolina certainly proved me wrong. I am so thankful for the time and energy she puts into this process, for helping others to be the best version of themselves.


Tracey Haywood


​I turned up for my first session with Carolina after already trying counselling and not wanting to see a doctor for my feelings of anxiety, mother guilt and a deep worry of how I was going to support myself on my own after my marriage break up.    I had no idea what EFT and the Heartstream Process was but I was open to trying a more holistic approach. ​ After just one session I was impressed and by my second session, I was hooked.    I felt such a release of emotions and Carolina’s nurturing professionalism and humour over the following months helped me to build up my self worth and confidence, empowering me to feel like me again.    I looked forward to my sessions and left feeling lighter and stronger, releasing old beliefs around “I’m not good enough.”   Carolina is a true healer, someone I trust and highly recommend.




I went to see Carolina after I began experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks which were having a serious impact on my life. I realised I couldn't do this alone anymore. I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived at Carolina’s centre. I was very relieved to be made to feel really comforted and supported by Carolina and I knew very quickly that I had come to the right place. I was still recovering from severe concussion with symptoms of headaches, fatigue, emotional imbalances, mental confusion and difficulty focusing on one thing –feeling spaced out. My emotional and physical recovery was profound and within a short space of time, after a few sessions the quality of my life completely changed and I healed much more than I ever expected, things that I didn’t even know needed to be healed from the past. I discovered that I have increased energy, reduced stress, headaches disappeared, I had much more emotional balance and freedom, improved sleep and concentration. I also experienced a transformation of my attitude to life and my self-beliefs around “feeling damaged and inadequate” and “that I would never recover”, all of which turned out to be not true at all. I now feel I have made a full recovery, I have the power to make positive decisions for my well-being and a new level of joy and freedom in my life.


Nicky McLoud

Breathing Educator

I'm not entirely sure what Carolina did with me but it was very effective and it worked! I am a Breathing Educator and I run The Breathing Clinic. As part of my own journey back to full breathing health a final issue that I was having trouble with was a tendency to brace in my abdominal region in response to life and to stress. This would mean my diaphragm was unable to go through its full range of motion and given that I did it a lot it was having quite an impact on my breathing. I had been trying unsuccessfully to stop the habit for the past 4 years. Carolina achieved this with me in just one session. I had been trying to work on this in my usual way which was using my head. Carolina's gentle but powerful method bypassed my head and directly addressed my subconscious mind. And it listened! I had tried EFT before but just doing it myself and I had not quite realised the power of this work. ​I'm very grateful to Carolina and I'm definitely planning to see her again so she and my subconscious mind can do some more work together!




I was recommended by my doctor to look at some kind of counselling to help relieve stress after what had been a very traumatic eighteen months of health concerns regarding myself and my partner. I investigated through the internet and found Carolina Kerridge, Holistic Therapist, EFT Practitioner. ​ My initial experience with EFT was “out of this world” it was just so unbelievable that the soothing voice of Carolina could install the sense of calmness and better thoughts were able to replace the negative ones. It was like making a new movie in your brain replacing an old and disturbing movie. This especially covered a time of deep distress following a hospital incident. ​ Over the ensuing weeks, I was able to put this experience behind me and view it in a different manner like it didn’t matter anymore. I had a very good new movie to think about. A traumatic event that happened in my life in 1992 which caused me stress from time to time was also “put to rest” through using EFT. By the end of the 8 sessions, I felt so peaceful and had my life back under control again and it has stayed that way. ​Other benefits in which Carolina has helped me with is meditation instruction and anti-inflammatory changes in my diet, both have helped me enormously. Working with Carolina has been a pleasure, she is the most gifted and caring person. One leaves after a session with Carolina feeling so good. ​ I would highly recommend the EFT treatment to anyone requiring help with stress, anxiety, depression insomnia etc.



Office Manager

I thought I was having a heart attack as I woke suddenly at 3 in the morning with my heart beating at 120 bpm. Stress attack! But this was big! I managed to calm down with help from my husband and breathing exercises the doctor had given me. I eventually got a little more sleep. Later that morning after a quick search I found Heartstream Wellness and called the number, I was really in need of some urgent help and which didn’t include medication.​ Speaking with Carolina for ½ hour on the phone calmed me down considerably and I felt soothed and understood. I knew my anxiety attack was related to issues I was having at work where I had managed a full-on stressful workload for a considerable number of years, but which had, over the previous 6 months, become a great concern for me.​ Carolina gave me some techniques to use which helped a lot. Her care & concern and ability to see the person I am were comforting. She helped me understand why I felt the way I did and that really there is nothing to feel overly anxious about; now, when I do feel a concern, I know how to relax and calm myself and I know there is no need to worry.​ Initially, I found the EFT tapping a little strange because it was something I wasn’t familiar with but after the first session Carolina helped me understand it and feel comfortable with it. I then found it to be very soothing and restful. It was a very positive therapy session for me and the sessions that followed also.​ The therapy gave me food for thought through the coming weeks which helped me deal with a lot of emotional distress from my past as a child as well. Carolina brought out upsetting memories of my parent's early deaths and how it had affected my childhood and life to date. It helped me understand these memories and put them to rest, I now try to remember the pleasant aspects, not the trauma. I can see more clearly now.​ Overall Carolina has helped me understand quite a lot about myself, I had sensed the doom coming at work and rather than deal with it (I didn’t know how to) I reacted with worry, anxiety and stress. I feel cured now and have a lot to thank Carolina for. Now I am looking forward to a happy stress-free future. My physical health has improved, my resting heart rate returned to normal and I feel happy all of the time. I can recommend Carolina 100% she is a very empathic and kind lady.


Cheryl Kane

Spiritual Business Coach

I’ve had 4 sessions with Carolina and I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for her loving guidance and intuitive gift. When I first started working with her I was constantly wound up and not able to be present in my body. I was also experiencing a lot of anxiety around starting my coaching practice. ​Through the Heartstream process, I’ve come to feel clear, present, and much less anxious around starting my business. I’m feeling creative, and confident and the panic in my chest that I usually feel when I'm doing work towards my coaching practice is gone. I’m more connected to myself and feel more self-love and joy than I can remember ever having. The little girl in me who felt like she needed to stay small to stay safe no longer fears letting her light shine. Carolina is a truly gifted and loving healer!

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