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The Centre & Clinic

A Gateway to Holistic Health and Wellbeing

Based in the beautiful Richmond Hills, Nelson NZ, Heartstream® Wellness Centre, is a sanctuary for healing and transformation.


The Clinic specialises in Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Phobias, Addictions and Trauma. Helping you to permanently overcome these conditions, naturally, effectively and considerably faster than conventional "talk" therapy. 

The Clinic focuses on health and nutrition to support the healing of your emotional state, thus embodying the true principles of holistic health.

The Centre facilitates workshop, courses and trainings in EFT Tapping and the Heartstream Process® which combines EFT Tapping, NLP, Mindfulness and Energy Healing in a powerful synergy.




I was recommended by my doctor to look at some kind of counselling to help relieve stress after what had been a very traumatic eighteen months of health concerns regarding myself and partner. I investigated through the internet and found Carolina Kerridge, Holistic Therapist, EFT Practitioner.

My initial experience with EFT was “out of this world” it was just so unbelievable that the soothing voice of Carolina could install the sense of calmness and better thoughts were able to replace the negative ones. It was like making a new movie in your brain replacing an old and disturbing movie. This especially covered a time of deep distress following a hospital incident.

Over the ensuing weeks, I was able to put this experience behind me and view it in a different manner like it didn’t matter anymore. I had a very good new movie to think about. A traumatic event that happened in my life in 1992 which caused me stress from time to time was also “put to rest” through using EFT.

By the end of the 8 sessions, I felt so peaceful and had my life back under control again and it has stayed that way.

Other benefits in which Carolina has helped me with is meditation instruction and anti-inflammatory changes in my diet, both have helped me enormously.

Working with Carolina has been a pleasure, she is the most gifted and caring person. One leaves after a session with Carolina feeling so good.

I would highly recommend the EFT treatment to anyone requiring help with stress, anxiety, depression insomnia etc.

Margaret, Nelson, NZ



To find out how I can help you please contact me,  for a 30-60 min free consultation on 03 544 4782 or 022 0900746 

I am available for in-person, Skype, Zoom or phone consultations and sessions.  

Open: Mon - Fri

Appointment Hours: 9 am - 5 pm and at other times by prior arrangement.

10 Hillplough Heights, Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand 7020

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