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Learn the Heartstream Process® 

Heartstream Process®
7-Week Online Training Program

General Information

The Heartstream Process® is a new, innovative and creative way of working with inner visuals, metaphors and the subconscious mind for deep transformational healing. Combining five modalities of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Energy Healing in synergy for rapid, gentle and powerful results.

About the Heartstream Process®

Why Choose Heartstream Process® Training?

The Heartstream Process® Training is designed for experienced certified EFT Practitioners (*EFT International, EFT Universe, ACEP and Evidence Based EFT) with at least two years experience. This program is for you if you are you looking to: 1. Learn an innovative and creative process to go deeper with clients and achieve profound, fast and lasting results 2. Work in a creative and intuitive way with inner visuals, metaphors, and your clients subconscious mind to help your client discover their own inner wisdom 3. Stretch yourself, your skills and intuition to work in a more fluid and nuanced way for deeper life changing results for your client 4. Go beyond generalised methods for greater creative and deeply enriching results 5. Learn how to embody the qualities of a Heartstream Practitioner® for guiding the process, mindfulness, creating safe space, being trauma safe and exploration in loving presence 6. Be fully supported during the training to start to delve deeper into their own personal journey of growth and evolution Become part of the Heartstream® vision and community by connecting with others like minded souls and bringing your gifts and contributing to raising the vibration of peace and healing to the planet at this time

Who is the Heartstream Process® Training for?

The Heartstream Process® Training is available to certified EFT Practitioners with at least 2 years experience and are: ● Intuitive, sensitive, open hearted and open-minded who are willing to explore working more deeply with inner visuals, metaphors and the subconscious way in a creative and intuitive way and:- ● Looking to develop their personal and professional capacities and qualities including holding safe sacred space, mindful listening, honouring their clients inner experience and exploring in loving compassionate presence and:- ● Willing to go deeper into their own personal development journey and embody the Heartstream Practitioners® qualities and:- ● Willing to join and be an active part of a community of Heartstream Practitioners® for support, personally and professionally, in making a real difference in the world.

Why Train with Carolina?

As the creator of the Heartstream Process® I have had the opportunity to develop and define the process working with hundreds of clients over an 8 year period. The process takes patience and skill to learn and develop. Having the experience in fine tuning the process I can now pass those skills to others to use in their practice. ●I am also an Advanced EFT Practitioner with EFT International with over 10 years experience in private practice specialising in stress, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, and chronic health issues. ●Prior to training in EFT and other holistic modalities I was a family lawyer in the UK specialising in family and care law. I bring many of these skills to my EFT practice. ●I also bring over 13 years of practical experience in mindfulness, meditation and Eastern Wisdom Traditions which is the foundation for the way I work with my clients and students. My approach is mindful, with deep listening and holding both clients and students in a place of deep safety and holding.

Jade Barbee.jpeg

Jade Barbee

EFT Tapping Training, Coaching and Mentoring EFT International Accredited, Certified Trainer of Trainers

I think Carolina’s Heartstream training is essential for any experienced EFT practitioner looking to fine-tune their ability to work with metaphor and hold space for their clients’ inner experiences. Every class is a reminder that we can trust and cultivate genuine curiosity in our bodies’ inner wisdom and let go of any agenda or 'need to fix’. Heartstream has given me more complete trust in my imagination during EFT sessions - whether the client is myself or when I'm holding space for others. To see a thought or feeling as an image, and then to observe and follow the evolution of that image in such a structured, tried-and-true way – is a real gift. You’ve reminded me of the value of being genuinely curious about what is unfolding moment by moment. Thank you!

Are you new to the Heartstream Process® and

would like to know more about it?

The Training Program

Pre-Training Requirements

1. Complete an application form prior to enrolling for the course. 2. Attend a pre-certification free 45 min interview to determine if this training is right for you at this time and whether you are suitable for the training program. This interview will be an opportunity to learn more about the Heartstream Process® and whether it is the right course for you. 3. Complete and submit the Heartstream Process® training agreement before commencing the training. 4. Agree to comply with the Heartstream® code of ethics throughout the training and whenever using the Heartstream Process® with others.

The Heartstream Process® 7-Week Online Training

1. We will meet live online via zoom video, just like in a live workshop. All you’ll need is an internet connection and a laptop, device or computer with camera and microphone. 2. Sessions will be once a week to enable you to integrate the teaching, read up on the resources supplied, carry out homework and practise with yourself and colleagues. 3. You will be provided with all the course materials and links to resources before the start of the course. You will need to print out the Heartstream Process® Manual to refer to throughout the training. 4. You will need to attend all 7 sessions and participate fully to gain your Certificate of Attendance. This will be the first requirement in applying to become a Certified Heartstream Practitioner® after the online training. 5. Attending this Heartstream Process® Training does not qualify you as a Heartstream Practitioner™. To qualify you will need to take the Heartstream Process® Certification Program as set out below. 6. Sessions will be limited to 8 participants for more personal connection.

The investment for the Heartstream Process® Training is $1250 NZD (early bird - paid before 1st July 2024) or $1350 NZD normal rate thereafter. Payment plans are available.

Investment for the Heartstream Process® Training

The next Heartstream Process® Training will commence on Friday 12th July 2024 at 10.30am NZDT (2 hours) for 7 weeks.

** If you are in the US, classes are on Thursdays at 3:30pm Pacific Time, starting on 11th July 2024 for 7 weeks.

Contact Carolina at to register your interest.

The Next Upcoming Heartstream Process® Training


Dr. Gail Buquicchio, ND

Naturopathic Physician, Seattle, Washington

The Heartstream process is a beautiful, safe journey leading to the subconscious realm where we find precious pearls of wisdom and insight into matters of the heart. The practitioner training is gentle, kind and thorough. Carolina skillfully “spoon feeds” the method in such a way as to help the practitioner fully digest and assimilate the process so that you, as a practitioner, feel confident to take it to your practice. I am amazed at how effective the method is in helping ME get out of the way, allowing my clients innate wisdom to guide them in gaining insight into complex issues. The Heartstream method is a beautiful, transformative process and Carolina is a master guide and teacher with whom you will feel safe and supported throughout the learning process.

Course Outline

In this 7 week course you will be introduced to the Heartstream Process® and how powerful and life changing it can be for yourself and your clients.


Learn about the origin, evolution and vision of the Heartstream Process® and how it has helped hundreds of clients transform their lives by connecting to the deep inner wisdom of their subconscious mind. 

Module 1: Introduction to the Heartstream Process®

1. Learn the significance of working with metaphors and inner visuals and how this process deepens basic EFT. 2. Understand the importance of the qualities of a Heartstream Practitioner® and how developing these qualities can enhance your sessions. 3. Meet your learning community and buddy up with a colleague, your Heartstream Companion for the duration of your Heartstream Journey.

Module 2: Applications of the Heartstream Process®

In this module you will learn about the application of the Heartstream Process. 1. Learn with whom and in what way the Heartstream Process® can be facilitated for the most beneficial results. 2. Learn how the process can be used in conjunction with EFT Tapping when working with clients and on your own personal development journey. 3. Understand why the Heartstream Process® is so effective for Highly Sensitives, empaths, creatives and children. 4. Experience a class demonstration to gain a practical understanding of the Heartstream Process®.

Module 3: Going Deeper with the Heartstream Process®

In this module we will explore the Heartstream Process® in greater depth. 1. Learn about the 5 Modalities that work in synergy to create the powerful Heartstream Process®. 2. Be guided through the Heartstream Process® steps. 3. Experience the Heartstream Process® through a demonstration so you can experience and integrate a session for yourself. 4. Learn the benefits of the Heartstream Process® for both your client and for yourself as a practitioner, and even beyond the therapy room.

Module 4: The Key Elements of the Heartstream Process®

This module will open the door to the key elements of the Heartstream Process® and why they are so significant and powerful. You will learn about: 1. The power of the heart to bring profound healing 2. Working with metaphors and the subconscious mind with NLP techniques The elements of Hypnotherapy which can enhance your sessions 3. The importance of Mindfulness and the effect on the client and the healing space 4. Why working implicitly with trauma in Heartstream sessions creates safety for your clients and yourself 5. The benefits of working with the Energy Body and the Chakras.

Module 5: The Qualities of a Heartstream® Practitioner

In this module we dive deeper into the fundamentals and importance of developing the skills of a Heartstream Practitioner®, which will be the start of your continuing journey in learning to improve, refine and embody these qualities. 1. Learn the most important qualities and skills of being a Heartstream Practitioner and how they will enhance your sessions. 2. Enhance your skills with the opportunity to practise with your Heartstream Companion.

Module 6: Troubleshooting

In this module we will focus on the challenges that can arise in Heartstream Process® sessions and how to effectively deal with them in the moment. 1. Learn about some of the challenges both myself and other new practitioners have experienced and how we approached them in an environment of exploration and understanding. 2. Ask questions regarding your own challenges that you have experienced in your own practice sessions. 3. Enhance and improve your skills in practice sessions with a Heartstream Companion.

Module 7: Conclusion and Going Forward on your Heartstream journey.

In our final module we look at the bigger picture of the Heartstream Process® bringing greater peace to the world through our work and our own personal healing journey. 1. Understand why our own continued personal growth is so important and the direct effect this has on our sessions with our clients. 2. Learn why the Heartstream Process® is so effective in working directly with our own limiting and core beliefs. 3. Enhance your Heartstream skills by working directly with core/ limiting beliefs in a class practice session with a Heartstream Companion. 4. Learn the next steps in becoming a certified Heartstream Practitioner®, the benefits of ongoing support and travelling on this journey with the Heartstream Community.

Additional Information

1. Throughout the online training you will be provided with The Heartstream Process® Manual and other materials including articles, books, and other online resources. 2. You will be introduced to your Heartstream Companion at the beginning of the training to liaise and practise together throughout the training. 3. Asking questions and sharing experiences is encouraged as much as possible throughout the training in a safe, supportive and nurturing community setting. 4. Join the Heartstream Community, to learn, evolve and grow!

Jude Weber IMG_9436.jpeg

Jude Weber

Advanced Certified & Accredited EFT Practitioner, Nervous System Health Coach & Educator

The Heartstream Training was a sacred experience. Carolina's facilitation is so graceful. She infuses intentionality, heart, and presence in every detail of this work, which allows the process to be received and followed so beautifully. I have found the process itself, organically finding its way in the work I do with my clients, with a powerful response. I highly recommend Heartstream.

The Next Upcoming Heartstream Process® Training

The next Heartstream Process® Training will commence on Friday 12th July 2024 at 10.30am NZDT (2 hours) for 7 weeks.

** If you are in the US, classes are on Thursdays at 3:30pm Pacific Time, starting on 11th July 2024 for 7 weeks.

For more information, questions and inquiries, or to register your interest, please contact Carolina at


Joan Risdel

EFT Practitioner, Professional Food and Body Confidence Coach, Author, and Social Worker in British Columbia

When Carolina invited me to experience the Heartstream Process personally and then join the Heartstream Process training with her I jumped at the opportunity. The Heartstream Process is a unique combination of 5 powerful modalities coming together, allowing our subconscious mind to release and heal past traumas, change outdated beliefs, reconnect with our innate intuition, inner wisdom, and our bodies. As an EFT practitioner, I use the Heartstream Process with my clients as they benefit from being able to reach and shift core issues with ease and grace through this Process. And, I can't say enough good about Carolina, who is a passionate teacher and mentor, willing to share her knowledge and expertise freely. She is organized and thoughtful, which is reflected in the way she put together the Heartstream Process training and certification. I am blessed to be able to continue learning and working with Carolina to become a Certified Heartstream Process Practitioner. I highly recommend this training!

The Next Upcoming Heartstream Process® Training

The next Heartstream Process® Training will commence on Friday 12th July 2024 at 10.30am NZDT for 7 weeks.

** If you are in the US, classes are on Thursdays at 3:00p Pacific Time, starting on 11th July 2024 for 7 weeks.

For more information, questions and inquiries, or to register your interest, please contact Carolina at

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