What is the Heartstream Process

and how can it help me?

Beyond Counselling, To Healing The Root Cause Of Your Emotional Issue

​Where counselling and other talk therapies help you to understand and manage your symptoms the Heartream Process goes much further by healing the root cause of your emotional "dis-ease" rapidly and permanently. 

The Heartstream Process is a powerful process of transformation and healing that combines 5 modalities, EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing.

The Heartstream Process enables you to release and heal deep-seated emotional issues such as anxiety, trauma, addictions, depression and low self-worth quickly, naturally and with ease. The body is “wired” to heal itself in the same way as any physical injury. In fact, the body can heal not just on a physical level but also every level. All five modalities are effective and powerful in themselves but in combination; their synergy is what makes the Heartstream Process both significant and profound.

The process will enable you, with my guidance, to tap into your own inner wisdom and find your own answers. You will understand yourself beneath the layers of your negative emotions and find the key to your own healing. Whether you are struggling with difficulties in your relationships whether at home or at work, coping with overwhelm, fears around rejection, abandonment, grief and not feeling good enough this process will move you from feeling stuck to feeling free quite literally.

Trauma The Root Cause of Mental Health

Research is now revealing that at the very root of our anxiety, addictions, depression and low self-worth is trauma especially early trauma.

It was through my own healing journey that I discovered this incredible insight and what made the greatest shift for me in where I am today. This is the case for the vast majority of clients that work with me, in fact, I would say all the clients who have followed my guidance and instruction have healed from the issues that they are facing.

What lay beneath my own stress, anxiety, depression and related health issues were my many early childhood traumas, negative experiences and the negative beliefs I made at that time. These beliefs included “the world is not safe” and other more subtle ones such as not having my emotional needs met at crucial times, including "there must be something wrong with me" and I'm not enough”. These traumas become embedded in the body’s energy (or electrical system) where they remain until released physically- what we call “somatically” (soma meaning "body" in Greek). To learn more about trauma and how it lies at the root of most mental health conditions go to my stress and anxiety page here.

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What makes the Heartstream Process different from Counselling and other Talk Therapies?

The reason why talk therapy and other cognitive therapies do not work consistently or permanently is that the energy of these traumas remains in the body. Over time the energy of these traumatic events build up until eventually, the body can no longer cope with this overwhelm and physical “dis” “ease” manifests in the body as chronic illness and chronic fatigue including:-

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Burn out

  • Crohn’s disease

  • IBS

  • Anxiety ( including intense stress, chest pains, difficulty breathing, heart racing and panic attacks).

  • Insomnia

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Depression

  • Migraines. 


It was this accumulation of negative energy from past traumas that resulted in my experiencing intense anxiety, depression, overwhelm, food addiction and ultimately led to a chronic autoimmune thyroid condition and my close call with death. It was only when these traumas were addressed and the energy released somatically that my body was able to return to homeostasis, its natural peaceful state. 


I consider myself very fortunate to now have both the knowledge, with the support of good credible science and powerful techniques, to heal myself and live a life that I never thought was possible 20 years ago. I take responsibility in sharing this knowledge and modalities with you so you can transform and heal your own life. I truly believe in you and know absolutely that you too can return to wholeness.


If you would like to know what others have experienced in working with me and the Heartstream Process go to my Testimonials page.

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