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You have nothing to lose but everything to gain...
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Hi, I'm Carolina the heart and soul of Heartream Wellness Centre and the powerful and transformative process called the Heartstream Process. To discover more about the Heartstream Process click here.


I feel very honoured to be practising and helping many others be free of their emotional and mental health challenges,  guiding them step by step into a place of peace and wholeness.

The Start of My Healing Journey


It was not always like this, in fact, rewind 22 years ago and I was in a very different place. I was a successful lawyer in the UK, married with a young daughter and on the surface, it appeared that I had it all together but underneath I was struggling, trying to be perfect in every aspect of my life, and my health was suffering. I was overweight, had developed health issues and I was exhausted. I was admitted to hospital in a critical state. I was told by the cardiologist that my "heart has doubled in size as a result of having your foot down hard on the accelerator" and had I not been admitted that week I would not be alive today.


This really was my wake up call. I had to face myself for the first time and ask myself “what am I doing that no longer serves me and my family; how can I change my life starting now”.


I was diagnosed with a thyroid autoimmune condition and sent home with an uncertain prognosis. I knew I had to give up my stressful legal career and it felt such a relief to just be mum. As the months and years past, although my heart recovered I still felt unwell, stressed, anxious and depressed. Nothing in mainstream medicine could help and having to take antidepressants, I knew, was not the answer.

I knew in my heart that something deeper was going on so I began to research and discovered the field of holistic health. To discover that illness was a “dis” “ease” in the mind, body and spirit from an Eastern perspective was a revelation to me.

The Road to Healing and Self Discovery

I began counselling,  yoga classes, walking in nature, made significant changes in my diet, all of which helped but nothing seemed to shift permanently or consistently this deep discomfort within me. It was whilst I was at an Indian Head Massage course that I met Marie, I noticed her straight away she seemed to radiate from the inside out.  She told me about “EFT tapping” and how it had helped her be completely free of her past, "It's as though it was a  movie I was in a long time ago". She handed me a practitioner's card and despite some hesitation and scepticism, I booked to see him. I kept thinking what have I got to lose.


My first session with Alan was remarkable and strange all at the same time. He began by asking me how I felt and began tapping on certain points on my hands and face. My mind took back to a memory of when I was five years old and the trauma of the tragic loss of my sister which I had been carrying all this time. I cried many tears that session but by the end, I felt at peace: it was the first time I had felt that way since the tragedy had happened. After I left Alan's office I noticed the “brick in my stomach” I had been carrying for decades had vanished and a sense of relief filled me.

I had no idea that this traumatic event lay at the root of my anxiety and that it became the doorway to my recovery.


At first, I was sceptical this could last but it did and I continued my journey with EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other therapies to heal my own past and discover who I truly was under all the layers of trauma.


I later began to train in the UK with Alan Morisson, who was then a certified trainer with AAMET (the International Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies) now EFT International and continued to train in New Zealand where I now live with my family.

The Benefits I experienced with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

The results I experienced in working with EFT and similar somatic therapies were many and included:-

  • A vast improvement in my physical health, my thyroid antibodies lowered significantly and are now in the normal range. The falling away of excess body weight without trying, I no longer needed to comfort eat,

  • A dramatic reduction in my anxiety, being able to breath more deeply and the lifting of my depression,

  • I began to live my passion and do what I loved based on my natural qualities,

  • I became a much more tolerant, confident and happy mum and a much better role model for my daughters,

  • Most of all I was finally able to accept myself fully and completely.


I still have challenges that arise, but having the tools that I have learnt and the wonderful support of kind and skilled healers that surround me, I know that I can move through these challenges with greater ease and resilience. 


In recent years I met quite by chance a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation teacher and since that time I have been practising meditation and incorporating ancient Eastern wisdom teachings into my everyday life. These teachings and daily practice have helped me to stay balanced, focused and calm and to grow in greater compassion for myself and others.





I qualified as a solicitor in the UK (LLB Hons) in 1992 and practised family law in England for over 10 years. With marriage and the arrival of my two daughters, I chose to become a full-time mum, carer and householder. Travelling and living in different parts of the world and eventually settling in New Zealand in 2008, I gained many life experiences and an understanding of other cultures.

I began training in EFT in the UK in 2006 and have continued my training in EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and NLP.  I have been in practice since 2013 working with clients here in NZ and around the world. I am a professional member of EFT International (EFTi) and the EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Academy (EFTMRA)  and an Accredited and Certified Practitioner.

(These Associations require continuing professional development as well as regular supervision. This ensures that my competence, knowledge and skills are up to date and relevant to the services I provide.)

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You have nothing to lose but everything to gain...
Schedule a no-obligation free 30-minute consultation to find out how I can help you.


I first met Carolina when doing one of her weekend EFT courses. Her story was genuinely sad and touching, and yet to see the dynamic, happy, strong, empathetic woman in front of me was astounding - truly. She worked on herself using the skills she practices, and changed herself and her life, releasing past suffering, guilt, shame.


During my subsequent sessions with her, she helped me release many dark, old, twisted (and totally obsolete) experiences and memories that felt embedded and stuck. She did this with intuition, insight, empathy, sensitivity, humour and lack of judgment. It seems that those who have overcome their greatest obstacles in life and who understand what it is to suffer, often want to help others and Carolina embodies this.

If you’re even slightly curious that she could help you, get in touch. You will not be disappointed, and have your peace and freedom to gain.

R.J Nelson, NZ


"Words cannot express how much I respect, value and trust Carolina in her skills as a therapist, healer. mentor and human being. Her professionalism and confidentiality allow for a trustworthy relationship and her skills and life experience really truly helped me overcome and deal with stuck limiting beliefs from the past.

Personally, the Heartstream Process work was so powerful on clearing old patterns and pain, I didn't even realise I was still carrying. I understand now why it is called emotional freedom therapy, as the freedom, I now feel after only after a few sessions around past trauma and pain is a miracle.

I recommend Carolina to others and they too have had incredible results. Thank you, Carolina, for sharing your skills. knowledge and healing energy with me and others. Namaste"

Jeanette Ida Yoga Teacher, Kokoro Yoga Studio Nelson NZ

Are you ready to be free from your pain and emotional baggage once and for all?

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