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Tracey Haywood


I turned up for my first session with Carolina after already trying counselling and not wanting to see a doctor for my feelings of anxiety, mother guilt and a deep worry of how I was going to support myself on my own after my marriage break up.    I had no idea what EFT and the Heartstream Process was but I was open to trying a more holistic approach. ​ After just one session I was impressed and by my second session, I was hooked.    I felt such a release of emotions and Carolina’s nurturing professionalism and humour over the following months helped me to build up my self worth and confidence, empowering me to feel like me again.    I looked forward to my sessions and left feeling lighter and stronger, releasing old beliefs around “I’m not good enough.”   Carolina is a true healer, someone I trust and highly recommend.




I went to see Carolina after I began experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks which were having a serious impact on my life. I realised I couldn't do this alone anymore. I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived at Carolina’s centre. I was very relieved to be made to feel really comforted and supported by Carolina and I knew very quickly that I had come to the right place. I was still recovering from severe concussion with symptoms of headaches, fatigue, emotional imbalances, mental confusion and difficulty focusing on one thing –feeling spaced out. My emotional and physical recovery was profound and within a short space of time, after a few sessions the quality of my life completely changed and I healed much more than I ever expected, things that I didn’t even know needed to be healed from the past. I discovered that I have increased energy, reduced stress, headaches disappeared, I had much more emotional balance and freedom, improved sleep and concentration. I also experienced a transformation of my attitude to life and my self-beliefs around “feeling damaged and inadequate” and “that I would never recover”, all of which turned out to be not true at all. I now feel I have made a full recovery, I have the power to make positive decisions for my well-being and a new level of joy and freedom in my life.  ​

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