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Heartstream Sessions

To discover more about what the Heartstream Process is and how it can help you click below.

Single Sessions

1 Hour

Begin to explore the benefits of the Heartstream Process.


1 Hour 30 Mins

An opportunity to explore more deeply your particular issues.


You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Schedule a no-obligation free 60-minute consultation to find out how I can help you.

To explore the Heartstream Process for yourself I offer three packages. All three packages will include:

  • Receiving email support between sessions,

  • Additional tools and practices to work with between sessions,

  • Supportive handouts and learning information,

  • A 20% discount on all Heartstream courses and workshops.

If you need help and guidance as to which package is best suited to your needs do not hesitate to contact me

 *For payment details and Terms and Conditions click here.

Heartstream Packages
Image by Razvan Narcis Ticu
Relieve - 3 Sessions

This Introductory Package will enable you to experience the process and discover if it's a good fit for you. In these three x 1 hourly sessions, we will explore your most pressing issues and how they are holding you back. We will then work together to begin to release and heal these aspects. You are likely to, even in these short sessions,  feel the benefits and sense of relief that comes with letting go of the energy of these old patterns. You can then decide if you would like to then move on to the 6 or 9 session package depending on your circumstances. I will offer my guidance in supporting you to choose the best way forward for you.

Price: $399 (save $21)*

Image by Fivos Avgerinos
Restore - 6 Sessions

In this Discovery Package we will go deeper to discover the main issues which you are struggling with and issues you may not have been aware of. Not only will you experience a sense of relief and hope for the future but you will see a real and profound difference in your wellbeing. You will feel a greater sense of connection with your self and experience inner peace. I will guide and support you fully in this journey of self-discovery and healing.

Price: $779 (save $61)*

Renew - 12 Sessions

With this Transformation Package,  you will experience the most profound shifts that will affect your entire life. As you release more old patterns that no longer serve you the more room there will be to feel more freedom, joy and positivity. This will not only have an impact on your own mind but will have a ripple effect into all aspects of your life, including relationships with others, your health, new opportunities and life purpose. You will be supported fully every step of the way.

Price: $1499 (save $181)*

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Schedule a no-obligation free 60-minute consultation to find out how I can help you.

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