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The Science of EFT Tapping

Updated: May 23, 2021

This excellent video trailer of the movie "The Science of Tapping", provides a simple but informative insight into the science of tapping, how it works the latest research and how science is exploring in greater depth the value and real benefit of this simple and powerful technique.

I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as the foundation of my work in healing stress, anxiety, traumas, addictions and self esteem. The results are both rapid and permanent and this is because we are getting to the root cause of these issues rather than paddling on the surface.

The process involves our body, mind, emotions and energetic aspect, in a holistic way. We are invoking our whole being in the process and as such it is our whole being that heals. We literally return to our natural state of wholeness after undergoing this process. Used both as a self help management tool and also in a clinical setting with a trained professional Emotional Freedom Technique promises just that, true emotional freedom!

Carolina Kerridge,

LLB (Hons), Holistic Therapist, Cert. and Accredited EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Holistic Coach and Meditation Instructor at Heartstream Wellness Centre, Richmond, Nelson, NZ.

I specialise in stress, anxiety, trauma, addictions and negative emotions. I choose to support those looking for true personal transformation.

My vision is to "heal and transform the planet one person at a time".

For more information on EFT tapping and the science of tapping go to;-

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